Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools : 2014

The demand for data integration tools emphasizes broad applicable use, a well-integrated portfolio and interoperability with information and application infrastructures. Flexible deployment and scalability are still expected, while interest in business-facing and platform-as-a-service models grows.

Informatica, IBM (InfoSphere Suite), SAP (SAP DS ..), Oracle (ODI, OWB ..), SAS (SAS DMP..) are in the leader's quadrant. Gartner has consider broadly following criteria as given below:

  • Connectivity/adapter capabilities (data source and target support)
  • Data delivery capabilities
  • Data transformation capabilities
  • Metadata and data modeling capabilities
  • Design and development environment capabilities
  • Data governance support capabilities (via interoperation with data quality, profiling and mining capabilities)
  • Deployment options and runtime platform capabilities
  • Operations and administration capabilities
  • Architecture and integration capabilities
  • Service enablement capabilities

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  1. The position of the gartner magic quadrant the published document, main reasons for the position of Microsoft are clear understanding on market desires,future road map, strong product vision, and easy-to-user data discovery capabilities. Good information added, very nicely written.