Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms: 2015

Gartner defines advanced analytics as the analysis of all kinds of data using sophisticated quantitative methods (for example, statistics, descriptive and predictive data mining, simulation and optimization) to produce insights that traditional approaches to business intelligence (BI) — such as query and reporting — are unlikely to discover.

An advanced analytics platform provides a full suite of tools for use by knowledgeable users, traditionally data scientists. However, they are increasingly being directed at business analysts and "citizen data scientists," to enable them to perform a variety of analyses on different types of data. In today's market, much analysis is predictive in nature, although descriptive analysis is often needed as well, especially for data exploration. While these analytical capabilities remain important, additional analytic techniques such as forecasting, optimization and simulation will grow in importance.

SAS, IBM (SPSS), Knime & RapidMiner are in the leaders quadrant for "Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms: 2015".

Gartner Evaluated considering following Criteria:

  • Product or Service: A use-case-weighted average of the scores in the accompanying "Critical Capabilities for Advanced Analytic Platforms"
  • Customer Experience: A combination of feedback from users about their overall satisfaction with the company and its product, and the product's integration.
  • Overall Viability: An evaluation of the viability of best-of-breed vendors and the importance of this product line to larger vendors.
  • Market Responsiveness and Track Record: An evaluation based on the size of the active customer base and new sales traction since last year.
  • Marketing Execution: An evaluation based on how well the product has achieved market awareness and the market's understanding of its value proposition.

Note: Content from Gartner

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