Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse and Data Management Solutions for Analytics 2015

Magic Quadrant's definition: a data management solution for analytics is a complete software system that supports and manages data in one or many disparate file management systems (most commonly a database or multiple databases) that can perform relational processing (even if the data is not stored in a relational structure) and support access and data availability from independent analytic tools and interfaces.

Teradata (TD, AsterData, UDA suite), IBM (PureData.. Netezza), Oracle (Exadata ..Oracle Big Data Appliance), SAP (IQ & Hana), Microsoft (SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse and HDInsight) & HP (Vertica, Autonomy) are in the leader's quadrant of "Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse and Data Management Solutions for Analytics 2015" considering following criteria by Gartner:

  • Relational data management.
  • Non-relational data management.
  • No specific rating advantage is given regarding the type of data store used (for example, RDBMS, HDFS, key-value, document; row, column and so on).
  • Multiple solutions in combination to form a DMSA are considered valid (although one approach is adequate for inclusion), but each solution must demonstrate maturity and customer adoption.
  • Cloud solutions (such as PaaS) are considered viable alternatives to on-premises warehouses; and ability to manage hybrids between premises and the cloud are considered advantageous.
  • DMSAs are expected to coordinate data virtualization strategies for accessing data outside of the DBMS, as well as distributed file and/or processing approaches.


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